History & Info

Some background information for you…

History & InfoWe are a member of the Cornish Pilot Gig Association (CPGA) who govern the sport and provide standards, rules and policies for clubs. We adhere to the CPGA Code of Conduct. CPGA membership enables us to take part in racing events throughout the year. We’re also affiliated with the Cornwall Rowing Association (CRA).

Additionally, our status as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) means we’re tasked with promoting and encouraging the sport to all sections of the community and to keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to participating.

Why gig rowing? Row for fitness, fun, friendships. Whether recreational or on the very keen racing circuit throughout the South West. From junior (U14 and U16), right up to vets (40+) and supervets (55+) there’s room for all. Learn skills such as boatmanship, teamwork, water awareness and master the techniques required. Plus, you’ll be helping to keep the future for these traditional wooden fixed seat rowing boats alive and well.

Brief history : From little oars gigs grow – Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club was born out of the desire of 6 lady rowers, Diane, Jill, Jacquey, Christine, Lucinda and Prue ‘The Flushing Oars’ to one day bring a gig to the village. One balmy Carnival night the ladies were introduced to Anne, a local gig rower and the seed was sown. The Villagers were invited to the 7 Stars a few weeks later for a meeting and much support was given. Thanks to David James’s brain wave of a consortium and Rodney Myers’ suggestion of using “Marine Shares” we were able to offer 64ths of a gig and after a lot of hard work from everyone involved ‘Pinnacle’ was purchased and the F&MPGC was born. Thus, bringing two villages together, enabling anybody who wanted to row the opportunity, no matter whether you knew which end of an oar you held! This has been achieved and a great many people have founded great friendships, have raced in the World and County Championships and in Holland.

Safety and Welfare : On and off the water we take the safety and welfare of all members very seriously. Ideally you’ll be comfortable with being on the water and be able to swim. An experienced cox will be with you and lifejackets can be provided if needed. We have dedicated safety and welfare contacts in the club. Racing can be a pressure cooker environment at times but off the water we all share a common goal and want to enjoy the sport free of anti-social behaviour. Verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated and any member doing so may be instantly suspended.

The Sport : Cornish Pilot Gig rowing and racing. Traditional wooden fixed seat rowing boats 32feet long. A very popular sport in the SW of England with 120+ boats regularly in use. Clubs are also found in Holland and the USA as well as further afield in the UK.

Our location : Yellow marker in map below. Other gig-rowing clubs share the water with us, see the blue markers…