Flushing & Mylor Gig Club celebrate another record-breaking Scillies. With their Ladies A crew finishing 2nd in the World.

Tommy Tonkins, Club Chairman, wrote the following:

What an incredible weekend for FMPGC. Every Scillies is different and each one brings with it drama, tension and exhilaration. For the club, this one will go down as one of the best.

Zawn Ladies A

Hopefully the news will have reached you all by now that the Ladies A crew came 2nd. It makes me smile just typing it. That’s 2nd in the world, out of 144 boats. To put this into perspective, 6 years ago the LA were 31st, 4 years ago 18th, 2 years ago 10th, last year 5th. It is an amazing achievement and I’m sure the crew will all share with you what it meant to them at some point.
IMG_2706 (1)
Not only did they row sensationally well, placing 2nd in every single race, they did it all with smiles, laughter and brilliant attitudes. Seeing them together shows us all what it means to be a crew. This is sport at it’s very best and I hope the ladies continue to be an inspiration to the rest of the club for years to come.
This performance was backed up by some of the best club rowing we’ve seem from the ladies in years (it’s the first time we’ve fielded 3 ladies crews since 2012). The exuberance and energy of the ‘Young Girls’ (74th) was infectious as was the togetherness of the ‘Cosmo Ladies’ (66th). They all helped in making sure every crew was cheered off the beach and when they crossed the line. Not only this, when it came to the rowing, they smashed it! Both crews did much better than they thought they would do, the Young Girls even managed to grab a hard-fought 2nd place in Group G. The club is lucky to have you all, all of you were brilliant from start to finish and, fingers crossed, this is your first Scillies of many to come rowing for FMPGC.
The Mens A took a different approach this year. Training was due to begin in February…then March…then after Easter. It sputtered rather than started and we had no idea what to expect. We managed these expectations even further with a very enjoyable Friday evening. We ended up 25th in the long race despite leading the pack for the first 5 minutes (even with our bow rowers dodgy stroke). We were disappointed by this but made up for it by winning the C heat, again with fantastic support from the quay. That put us in the B heat for Sunday where we stayed, finishing up 17th with the general consensus being ‘Not baaaad.’
Mens B Scilly 16
The Mens B had a baptism of fire, thrown into some testing conditions and enjoying a tangle of oars on the start line of the long race. Two of the crew only started rowing in January and the Scillies is not renowned for being flat! The crew more than held their own, enjoying battles all weekend and gaining invaluable experience as they went along. The came 2nd in Group I and 98th overall.
The Supervets had a brilliant race on the Friday despite doing their best to fill Zawn up with most of the Atlantic! They were 30th out of 32 in the Supervets category but managed to beat a few Vet crews as well. In the Open, they were definitely not last. After a tough St Agnes race which saw them pointing the wrong way on the start line after being taken out by the Dutch, they stayed in touch and stormed to 134th place overall, beating their closest competitor pretty much on the line.
Congratulations and thank you to everybody. The names are too many to mention but special thanks to the selectors, Penny Chuter, Jeremy Stonehouse, Phil and Jilly Slater and Celia Fraser (and well done for coxing your first Scillies!); and to all the supporters, both on Scilly and back home, for cheering us all on.
Gig rowing hold a special place in the hearts of so many people, the weekend just gone is the perfect reason why.
Same time next year?