Flushing and Mylor Pilot gig Club are pleased to be part of the ‘Get Active Cornwall Challenge’ through Cornwall sports partnership which aims to get participants to: get more active, lose weight, improve fitness, become motivated, make new friends, boost energy levels, however you choose to use the Challenge, the main aim is to get you more active.

To help you visualise this and set yourself a target, the Get Active Challenge encourages you to undertake physical activities that are converted into miles and plotted against a virtual map of the Cornish coastline.

You can set yourself Personal Challenges or Private Team Challenges at any time when the Workplace Challenge isn’t running.

Recently a group from Cornwall Council’s Leisure and ASD Commissioning Team and Commissioning and Assets Management Service completed their challenge with gig rowing. Seven of them joined a gig crew, some with experience and some complete novices. After an introduction on the beach we went up river from Flushing’s Kiln Quay past Flushing Sailing club and on towards the Greenbank Hotel practicing technique and teamwork. Then around and back to the Maritime Museum. They were then put through their paces as we headed out towards the Carrick Roads and back past Trefusis Point.

It was a thoroughly enjoyed session although the benefits might have been outweighed by lunch back at the Royal Standard in Flushing!!

For further information on the ‘Get Active Challenge’ go to http://www.getactivecornwall.co.uk/challenges

Flushing and Mylor Pilot gig Club also offers a British Rowing ‘Learn to Row’ course throughout year for novices. For further information go to  http://www.fmpgc.org/ or email Simon Thompson at newcomers@fmpgc.org