Flushing & Mylor are very honoured to have Penny Chuter OBE as one of our members and coaches.

On this significant day for women’s rowing – with the Women’s Boat Race being televised and staged on the same day as the men’s – it’s good to remember that Penny was one of the important pioneers for Women’s rowing. In her capacity as a rower herself and as a coach.

Penny raced over the same course for the British Women’s Championships in the 1960’s and won every time by miles!

Also, it was Penny Chuter who started the first National Training System for Women in 1973 to take crews to the first Women’s World Championships (as opposed to European’s) in 1974, and through to the first Olympics in 1976.

She was the first woman from Great Britain to win a Silver Medal in the Single in 1962, followed by Beryl Mitchell in 1982 (who she coached), and then Katherine Grainger in 2009.

There are lots more achievements we could list but she is too modest to go on about them so it’s some times hard to get the details out of her!

 Photo above of Penny & Lynn Stonehouse winning the Helford River Race in a Flashboat for FMPGC