World Championship Results

Two new club records and a Silver medal!

The World Pilot Gig Championships were another great success for Flushing & Mylor. In this 25th year of the event, the Ladies A crew finished 10th overall out of 141 gigs and the Supervets 6th out of 23 in their Friday night race. Both new club records.

Millies-photos-Scillies-2014 522

Lynns-photos-scilly-2014 262

Photo above: Ladies B & Ladies Vets Crew

Men’s A came an amazing 2nd out of 67 crews in the Friday night Veterans race and then went on to finish 8th out of 138 boats in the Open event.  Men’s B finished top of their group D, meaning a podium place for them.

Lynns-photos-scilly-2014 539

Lynns-photos-scilly-2014 449

 Photo above: Men’s A receiving their Silver medals

Photo below: Men’s Supervets lineup which raced on the Friday nightsupervets_2014

Millies-photos-Scillies-2014 549

Photo above: Ladies A

Lynns-photos-scilly-2014 518

Photo above: Men’s B on the podium for winning Group D

Well done to all who took part, those who coxed, club members who found a row with other clubs and all those who supported throughout the weekend.


Ladies Veterans: 12th (out of 72)
Men’s Veterans: 2nd (67)
Men’s Supervets: 6th (23)
Ladies A: 10th (141)
Ladies B: 44th (141)
Men’s A: 8th (138)
Men’s B: 37th (138)
Men’s C: 120th (138)

Millies-photos-Scillies-2014 430

Above: Ladies B  Below: Men’s A

Lynns-photos-scilly-2014 439

Lynns-photos-scilly-2014 343