3 Rivers Results

There were calm and sunny conditions at Saltash for the 3 Rivers Race hosted by Caradon Gig Club. The first outing for our new gig Zawn and one of the last for Vilt which will be going to Holland after Scillies. We are so lucky to have two great boats to race in at the moment. The club entered 4 crews this year and for Sean Yendle, in Men’s A, it was his first ever competitive race. And Jilly Slater’s first ever coxing experience.

LA equalled the club record and finished 5th overall, MA were 7th, LB 29th and MB 27th.  Out of a total of 53 boats in the ladies race and 51 in the men’s.  Vilt, rowed by the A crews, finished 3rd overall (a combination of the times in the men’s and ladies fleets). And Zawn finished 31st.

LA: Barry Churcher (cox), Celia, Sally, Lynn, Sarah, Kim, Frances
MA: Lynn Stonehouse (cox), Jeremy, Mike, Andy, Paddy, Sean, Mark

LB: Jilly Slater (cox), Liz, Hilary, Sue, Marianne, Kris, Caroline
MB: Barry Churcher (cox), Steve(?) from Newquay, Peter, Justin, Ross, Gosse, Stephen

Picture: Men’s A getting ready to launch