David Buurma

1pm Mylor Church.

Today the club will celebrate the life and contribution to FMPGC of our friend David Buurma – pictured below at the Muiden rowing event in 2006.

You might ask yourself
Where is he gone?
Perhaps in that quiet moment
As you sit arms across the oar
Your heart pounding
Watching the sun fade from gold to red
That magic tenuous evening colour
never seems to stay long enough
Let then the mid blue of evening
Melt the hurt that you feel into a memory
And the warmth of shared friendship
Reminds us that we are only here
For a term

Suddenly with a barked forward to row
The coxswain’s voice breaks the spell
Your hear the pins creak
The oars swish as they cup
The green waters again and again
Until you are one with the boat
One with the crew

I wonder then will you realise
That I am beside you
My spirit forever part of the boat
I was just the first to leave
The first to cross that line
In time each of you will follow me
No crew is ever for ever
Others will sit in your place
They will touch the lovingly crafted woodwork
Laugh as you have laughed
Laugh as I laughed with you
Until only the gig remains
And our voices are lost
In the sea swell
On the out going tide…

David Buurma FMPGC trip to Holland Nov 2006 091