World Pilot Gig Medallists!

Men's A Vets

MA Celebrating Their Silver Medal Success in the Veterans Race at the World Pilot Gig Championships last weekend. (L-R) Paddy Blake, Mark Smith, Jeremy Stonehouse, Paul Smith, Neil Rogers, Andy Blake. Cox (hidden!) Tracey


Ladies A finishing in 9th place at the end of their first race.  (L-R) Cox John Pearce, Liz Wragg, Frances Coventry, Kim Dodge, Sally Thompson, Celia Fraser and Lynn Stonehouse.



Mens B AKA Flushing ROW….BOTS celebrating their 1st in the C Heat and, below, their finish line success.  MB were Barry Churcher, Mike Griffin, Justin Dodge, Pete Handford, Justin Searle and Bauke Buurma.



Ladies B Crew Below. (L-R): Natalie Grose, Kerry Youngman, Carolyn Inger, Madeleine Tidbury-Thorne, Fiona Kendall & Caroline CashLB

Overall Club Results were as follows:

Men’s Veterans: 2nd and 41st (out of 46)
Men’s Crews in Open: 7th, 25th & 127th (out of 127)
Ladies Crews in Open: 11th & 83rd (out of 125)