Sets of Oars for Sale

Oars for sale from FMPGC:

1. Full set of 6 traditional standard blades all in good condition. Suttons. Good for a strong men’s crew. Quite heavy. (Pic with the ones with a ‘C’ on them)

2. Set of 5 oars with no No.6 oar. Another good standard set from Suttons. Used in a previous Scillies final. A few knocks. Suit men or women. (Pic with the ones with a ‘D’ on them). We would be happy to give you the spec to order the 6th oar if you required.

These will be put on Ebay on Tuesday Dec 8th for 5 days.


IMG_20141207_095827 IMG_20141207_095821 IMG_20141207_095816 IMG_20141207_095607