Mixed and Vets – vets day

Today (Sunday) myself, Sue Morris, Carol, Ella, Trudi, Liz,Jeremy (cox) and Helen Rowe (cheerleader/personal shopper) travelled to Saltash to race in the Caradon/CPGA Ladies Vets competition. What a glorious day! And, a very welcome contrast to the bitter Easterly we faced there back in March. Because we got the place on a cancellation we only had one chance to train together but came 3rd in our 1st heat and 3rd again in the plate semi-final. As Sue remarked: ‘Can you imagine? – we would be dangerous if we actually trained!! ‘

Another time we might also try to avoid the situation we found ourselves in on the start line in our first heat : we were all lined up ( well, just ….we were late), Jeremy said  ‘Flags Up, Heads-in’ and Ella bravely asked ‘Er..what start are we doing?’ (Blimin good question – we hadn’t actually decided or disussed it since trying a few different starts in our only training session). Jeremy replied ‘Oh 3 3 and then 10 I guess ….Oh Go! ‘ and away we flew…..remarkably in time!!