Scilly 2010 – what a weekend!

Congratulations to all those from Flushing & Mylor PGC for being part of (and making sure!) that we had a fantastic event.

Scilly 2010 - what a weekend!

I hope you’re not too down after the exhaustion and highs of the 2010 World Pilot Gig Championships. We’ll organise a good get-together soon to relive those memories and if you have any good pics and stories from your crew feel free to send them in (this year we had 13 crews entered into the competiton). As is standard now there are a pile of excellent pictures over on and the GigRower Facebook group (you wouldn’t expect anything less knowing that Flushing & Mylor members are behind these two very busy sites).

Scilly 2010 - what a weekend!

Some results for you – 121 mens crews, 113 ladies, 62 mens vets, 46 ladies vets.

Mens – 11th (their 3rd round 8th placing was highest ever finish for F&MPGC)
Mens – 73rd (group G winners)
Mens – 80th
Mens  – 119th (highest average age crew)

Ladies – 31st
Ladies – 35th
Ladies – 61st (group F winners)
Ladies – DNF (last race missed due to injury)

Mens Vets – 3rd (best ever for F&MPGC)
Mens Vets – 14th
Mens Vets – 54th

Ladies Vets – 12th (best ever for F&MPGC)
Ladies Vets – 21st