3 Rivers 2010

As mentioned on other websites that cover “gig news”, it was a bitterly cold day on the Tamar for the 2010 3 Rivers race hosted by Caradon Gig Club. A 6:30am start meant some bleary eyes and by 8am we were all safely in Saltash. Efficient as usual, Caradon members helped unload and launch all gigs.

Gigs ready for the off…

3 Rivers 2010

A strong east wind that went right through you made it a hard decision on when to strip down to race kit. No point in sitting on the line frozen and then taking 10 minutes to warm up.

Ladies raceĀ (38 crews) – Trefusis (LC) 15th 00:57:45, Penarrow (LA) 19th 00:58:53, Pinnacle (LB) 28th 01:02:36

Mens race (34 crews) – Penarrow (MA) 6th 00:50:34, Trefusis (CaradonC) 00:58:25

Hat’s off to Tim Bowden in Mens-A who battled on despite breaking his stretcher clean in two about 30 strokes into the race.

Loads of pics and stats over at www.gigrower.co.uk