Helford regatta – more top 10’s

Some short, sharp (and at times large!) wind-against-tide seas faced us during the well attended Helford Gig Club regatta with 18 gigs taking part. Thank you to all at Helford, a very busy event at at time a very busy beach – you couldn’t have squeezed another gig onto it!

Mens-A heats were first on the list and with a few crew changes (Russell and Tommy standing in) they had a powerful race and finished 6th overall. For the Ladies-A heats the seas had built up considerably and was quite unlike anything that stroke rower Megan had been out in before, a great start saw us lead the fleet and a slightly startled Falmouth Ladies-A crew for a little while. A real rollercoaster ride on their way to 7th place. No U16s this weekend and next out were Mens-B again with Russell and Tommy and rather a baptism of fire for bow rower Vince. A good workout saw them 10th over the line. Ladies-B took on the rough stuff and had a great row taking 3rd. Last of our crews to race, but by no means least were Ladies-Vets who came in 6th in their race.

AliJ writes “Ladies-B were without their usual stroke rower Liz but Bonnie kindly stepped-up and held a great steady rate throughout the roller-coaster course. After a cracking start (bit of a theme there for FMPGC and thanks must go to Penny for that), the Ladies B held onto their 3rd position convincingly into the first mark and despite Penryn in Morlader trying to make a move on the 2nd mark, finished a fantastic 3rd pushing Morlader back with every stroke in the last leg to leave them a clear 3 lengths behind. Great great row Ladies – a true pleasure to cox.

Flushing & Mylor finished 7th overall with 61 points.

Pic: Ladies-B enjoy their 3rd place.


Pic : Mens-B at the marks.


Pic : Mens-A prepare for take-off.