Across the Bay :: Good result

Penarrow and her mixed crew took 4th place in the 2009 Across the Bay race from Mounts Bay to Porthleven against about a dozen other gigs. It was good to row on different water for a change and the coastline between Mounts Bay and Porthleven provides a stunning backdrop (for bow-side rowers that is, stroke-side had to make do with 2 lobster pots, an upturned fish box and a couple of basking sharks).

The course is about 8 miles so we knew it was going to require some steady hard work. As St Michael’s Mount gradually disappeared behind us into the setting sun we were joined by 4 or 5 basking sharks, the dorsal fins appearing suddenly and providing a bit of  a boost to the crew. Each headland we passed meant the seas became more choppy and confused and we had a good battle with St. Elvan, always just a few lengths behind us. Their local knowledge seemed to pay off 3/4 of the way through the race as they closed the gap to us considerably. A big push for the last mile or so held them off and eventually we slipped into Porthleven harbour.

A big thanks to the race organisers, it was interesting listening and watching the varied weather forecasts leading up to the race but things calmed down in the end and gave us forgiving conditions. Thanks also to Toby for helping with the various logistics and towing.

Crew : Lynn (c), Jeremy, Neil, Andy, Ali, Emily, Hilary.