World Championships 2009

Phew. Well, the championship weekend with 119 gigs certainly had it all. The weather broke just in time for the ladies and mens veterans racing on Friday evening. Then those huge swells and the massive line up for the St Agnes seeding races on Saturday morning were followed by less swell but lots of wind from the North for the final heats making them all very fast.

Video from FMPGC’s Tommy Tonkins – see 0:54, 4:30, 5:00, 6:05, 6:55, 7:10

Good to see everyone enjoying themselves so much and hats off to those who’d never raced on the Isles of Scilly, it’s a very different environment to the fairly flat waters of home. Tim Bowden said he’d never been in or seen anything like it and was now completely hooked.


Thank you to Joel Williams and the St Marys gig club for lending us the gig Slippen for use in the championships. She dates from 1830 and the crews that used her said how much a privilege it was to have been able to row one of the original boats on the waters that she’s worked and more recently played on for nearly 180 years.

Well done to all Flushing & Mylor crews (finishing “group” shown in brackets). For info, the whole fleet is split into groups by the first seeding race on the Saturday. Each group holds 12 gigs, (A..B..C and so on). The groups then race off in reverse order, 1st or 2nd place in your group means you move up to the group above, 11th or 12th means you move down a group. There are then 3 “group” heat races allowing your crew to move up (or down) a maximum of 36 places.

Ladies vets : 25th
Mens vets : 46th
Ladies open : 29th (grp C), 53rd (grp E) and 103rd (grp I)
Mens open : 24th (grp B), 85th (grp H winners!), 118th (grp J)

Finally, keep an eye out for loads of comment, pics and stats over at in the coming days. Thank you to everyone in the club so much for making this happen!