Tribute Series 2008 – Rame

Tribute series round 2 – hosted by Rame gig club.

Dear All,

Just to keep you up to date as to what happened at Rame this weekend, two crew took part first was the Men’s V Peter K, Russell, Peter C, Chris S, Dave M and Steve E who raced in the A heat (as it was a stared event they were not allowed to row in the B’s) although they came last in their heat they had a very good race time despite the cox stopping them before the line. They finished 21 out of 29 well done boys it was great coxing you. Next up was the under 16 who also had a cracking race and a great start, at one point they all had to stop rowing both sides as we were sandwiched between two boats due to coxing error!!!!¬†¬†Once clear they rowed away leaving some boats standing, well done Girls Megan J, Beth J, Bethan O, Rosie O, Roise C and Zoe VJ they came 9th out of 13. Thank-you girls for a lively row look out LA these girls are good. And also thank-you to Ali J for coming up to support us, she was also our photograph so there will be some pictures to show you later.
Cheers Bridget
Tribute Series 2008 - Rame