Operation: Get your gig to Scilly

Just prior to the 2008 World Championships there was a bit of a hiccup with shipping the gigs to the Isles of Scilly. One bright spark said “why don’t we just tow one across from Sennen?”. So we did.

You will need :
1 x race ready gig.
1 x RIB + bags of safety kit. VHFs, GPSs, spare fuel etc.
2 x vans.
2 x helpful gig clubs (thanks Cape and St Marys).
1 x helpful boatyard (thanks Peter Martin).
1 x top insurer (thanks Dee at Colemans).
1 x RNLI tractor (that’s a really steep slipway).
1 x lifeboat coxwain to say he’ll come and get us if it all goes wrong.
1 x amazingly perfect forecast.
…plus a few willing seafarers.

Early start, coffee at Penzance on the drive down.

Carefully wheel the gig down to the water (the RIB had already been launched)

Cape GC advised a cover over the bow section in case any lumpy wet stuff made it in. In the event this pic was about as rough as it got!


About 1/2 way and steady progress of about 10 knots.


Wanted to row the last bit in although just two up it’s quite a lump.


Simply beautiful, quiet surroundings greeted us. Pete Hicks helpfully pointed out we were two weeks early.



Into the Mermaid and a few emails back to those on the mainland and to the insurers to say we’re there ok. Odd to be in the pub having turned up in a gig and all eerily quiet.