FMPGC regatta

Flushing & Mylor Pilot Gig Club held their 2nd Regatta on Sunday as a grand finale to Flushing Regatta Week.

With weather finally breaking on Saturday afternoon, it was with a sigh of relief that Sunday dawned sunny, but windy –¬†with gazebos erected, sandwiches and cakes in place and all gigs lining the beach of Kiln Quay, Canon Anthony Philips blessed and named the Clubs 3rd boat, Tregew. She is a GRP gig to be used for training purposes all year round.. With a splash of champagne, she was then launched into the water with Canon Phillips as passenger (see attached). Unfortunately due to CPGA rules, she could not take part in the racing for the day, but Pinnacle and Penarrow proved their worth as each boat was filled for each of the afternoons racing.

With a coxes meeting at 1230, the rest of the day got underway with results as follows:

Vets Helford, Helford, Goran Haven
Ladies Helford, F&MPGC, Penryn
U12 Helford, Helford, F&MPGC, F&MPGC
U14 Helford, Truro, Devoran
SuperVets Men over 60 F&MPGC (Pictured)
Super Vets Men over 50 Helford,
Super Vets Ladies Over 50 Penryn
Men Helford, Penryn, F&MPGC
U16 Helford, Penryn
Mixed Helford, Penryn, Helford
Overall Helford!!!

Best Dressed Crew: Truro

Goran Haven were given a prize for coming all the way down to Flushing to take part in the event and were delighted at being invited back for 2007.

The day was a great success proving that Village Regattas do still exist.. a village fun day with fun racing (with a bit of competitive edge!), involving those from the ages of 10 to 70 – what other sport can encompass that age group?

Flushing & Mylor would like to thank all those, too numerous to mention who helped put on the event from organising, to equipment loan, to rescue boats and of course the rowers and supporters – all of whom have gone home knowing that next year it will all happen again!